February’s Luncheon called for FPRA members and guests putting their thinking caps on! Our meeting sponsor, John Dalida of Joan Drakert Recreational Mathematics Center LLC, made a short presentation on the foundation and also presented the audience with a mathematical puzzle. The center is dedicated to developing mathematical powers in people of all ages.

A raffle by the sponsor, presented a few lucky attendees with brain-bending prizes, and all guests were left with a mathematical challenge; the first to solve will receive a special prize; tune in to the next meeting to find out who won.

Three, Two,One…Blast off!

Ginny launched the meeting with introductions of the leadership team, and then it was down to business.

Notable Nuggets:

SWFL Chapter of FPRA welcomes: new members whose applications were approved at previous board meeting: Atali Maruri, Jennifer Berg, Marie Mosely, APR.
Just a reminder: Image Awards are just around the bend so put your thinking caps on and start working on your entries!

Our special guest this month was, Ken Sneeden of Ken Sneeden and Associates.
Members were enthralled by his presentation on, well, making successful presentations. We were taken through the common pitfalls of PowerPoint presentations, the research behind what works and what doesn’t; and just advice from year’s experience.

If attendees walked away with nothing else, they should remember the following…
Rule number one: AVOID DEATH BY POWERPOINT. We all know this common pitfall: text heavy presentation that has words zipping and zooming across the screen with all the bells and whistles available. This is the type of presentation that people just read to the audience.

The goal of every presentation:

All presentations focus on getting your organization’s message from point A to point B. The hope is to take the sometimes uninformed, doubtful and resistant audiences and utilize your message to transform them by fostering understanding, making them believe in your cause or business, and giving them a call to action.

Positive Weapons of Influence:
Effective presentations utilize or deliver messages based on the following weapons of influences: Commitment and Consistency; Liking; Social Proof; Scarcity; Reciprocation.

Tips for Stellar Presentations:
• Keep it Simple, Balanced and Beautiful
• Eliminate Death by PowerPoint

Ken left us with this to chew on:
I hear, I forget
I see, I remember
I do, I understand

The next luncheon will be held at on Tuesday March, 3 same bat time, same bat channel.
(Networking 11:15am, Broadway Palm Dinner Theater)