By: Kathleen Taylor

Have you reached the top in your career? What helps you get there? How does FPRA work for you and your goals?

Do you look for ways to make the most of your professional development opportunities? Are you reaching out and sharing your knowledge with others?

Are you seizing the moments and celebrating the times when all your hard work comes together? Are you content to just scrape by?

Have you heard of all the chances in March to take action in your career?

  1. Have you heard of our next business meeting speaker, Jack Levine, on effectively reaching four generations with your messages?
  2. Do you have your Image Award entry or entries coming together by March 11?
  3. Are you thinking of going to Annual Conference for all the great networking and workshops, but aren’t sure if it fits in your budget?
  4. Are you on board for giving back to our community at PR Pro Bono Day in the most professionally skilled way we can on March 26

    Is it possible that I wrote this entire President’s Word in questions? Are they making you think about that ways, perhaps, that FPRA (on both the local and state level) challenges you and provides you with avenues and inroads that can distinguish you in your career?