By Brian Hamman,

Samantha Scott, APR took some time this month to present to the student chapter of FPRA at Florida Gulf Coast University.  She left the students with real world pointers and advice she’s gained from her time as owner of Pushing the Envelope (PTE, for short).  Here’s what the students had to say:

“Samantha’s presentation at the 2/9/12 FPRA student chapter meeting at FGCU was extremely informative and helpful. The students have been raving about PTE’s visit nonstop! As Gen Y-ers we think we may know it all about social media, but Samantha opened our eyes to certain outlets most of the chapter have never heard of before. We also gained new information about how a PR agency works, how to network (step 1- get a business card!), and how to better represent yourself using social media. As future PR practitioners, PTE’s visit couldn’t have been more helpful to our professional development.”
-Ashley Lawrence, President – FPRA/FGCU student chapter