Robyn is an account executive with Marketwire. (She loves the breath of fresh air and friendliness of the Southwest coast – we do too!)

Using the death of MJ as an example of the viral news and the need for an online presence.

Reviewing top social media sites by category according to Alexa rankings.

So much out there, and available by phone – NO DISTRACTED DRIVING!

Another caution – don’t be a social media spammer. How to pitch without being one? Make the info accessible, easy to find and easy to share.

Standard vs. social media press release:
No live links or metatgs
No photo or video
No elements that encourage interactivity
Social Media Release…WOW! What a difference. Marketwire has awesome platform built in – you just upload Word doc and end product can include YouTube video, live links, page sharing on beaucoups sites.

Going live to see how this works on the back end…