For many social media managers, handling the numerous social media platforms can take a lot of time and be overwhelming. recently posted an article titled “Four Steps to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Activities.” The steps below will help you generate a to-do list that will help you save time and work more efficiently:
1.     Rank Your Social Accounts: This will take time and research, but once you discover which channels are working the best for your business, you can then concentrate on the platforms that are most valuable.
2.     Prioritize Engagement Signals: Each social media channel has different analytics. A like on one channel means more engagement than a share on the other, so you’ll have to prioritize those signals for each of your most valuable platforms.
3.     Create a To-Do List: Using the information from the above steps, create a to-do list with your top platforms and types of interactions.
4.     Stick to a Schedule: Determine how much time you should spend on each platform and stick to it.
Paying the most attention to your top channels, and prioritizing the signals for each, will help you simplify the overwhelming task of managing multiple social media accounts. Repeat this process every few months to make certain the statistics haven’t changed.