Introducing a new component to the FPRA SWFL newsletter – social media! Here we’ll share news, trends and tools to use this form of communication. The world of communications is changing every day. There are more ways to share a message and more channels to monitor for our companies or our clients. With the recent launch of Google+, add more one to your list.
Now the third largest social network, Google+ is the newest player in the social media game. Originally launched in beta/test phase, they opened it up to the public in September. Now users can give people, business, websites and more a “+1” or in Facebook terms, a “like”.
For those of you using social media, or at least monitoring it, for your company or your clients, here’s another one to add to the list. It’s yet another reputation management platform where customers can express if they like your company or not. Additionally, as a social channel, Google+ offers another way to engage with your target audience, but you have to earn it. Even if someone is using Google+ and connected with you, they have to select to see your news and material. This is going to require businesses to put really valuable material up – not just promotions, in other words really using social media for communications and relationship building rather than sales.
Right now, businesses can’t create profiles – much like how Facebook started – but that option is expected a little later in the year. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted on this and other social media news in future editions.