By Jessica Boles
Social media is becoming the norm in businesses across the world. From small companies to the big brands, you are sure to see some type of social media outlet represented.
For the businesses that have more than one social media platform, the need for a “dashboard” comes into play. A “social media dashboard” is a tool that you download that will help keep all of your different accounts in one place, side by side. 
Maintaining all of your social media channels can be a juggling act and can get overwhelming. Hootsuite is probably the most popular in the social media dashboard world. Hootsuite syncs up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and offers a free plan option. You can also add it to your WordPress blog for the more advanced.  Using Hootsuite’s unique dashboard, you can collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress via the web, desktop or mobile platforms. You can also track your campaign results to rapidly adjust your focus.

More than ever before, it’s critical for businesses to use different social media channels to disseminate their brand, their message and their communication globally. Social media dashboards, such as Hootsuite make it easier to accomplish this goal. Using the dashboards adds to higher levels of interactivity with your consumers and the public and will increase awareness to your business immensely.

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