Did you know that a whopping 65% of holiday shoppers flock to social media to find that special something for that special someone?
Pinterest is always my go-to for a brilliant idea that I cannot take credit for when it comes to all things arts and crafts.  Well it turns out Pinterest is also the top social site for those seeking  ideas for holiday gifts (and décor, and recipes, AND crafts, etc, etc!). According to a survey by Crowdtap, 48% of participants named Pinterest the leader for inquiring minds looking for holiday gift ideas.  With so many people flocking to Pinterest, are you capitalizing on this and pinning inventive ideas on why your product is a must-have this holiday season?
When it is time to seal the deal, Facebook ranked the highest in social sites that have influenced a holiday gift purchase.  Facebook is key when asking friends for recommendations on things such as finding the best flat screen for your husband or the latest age appropriate toy for your niece or nephew when you have no idea what kid’s like.  Perhaps  you are planning the company holiday party and you’re seeking a great restaurant as a venue—Facebook saves the day again. 
And, people love to share a good deal on Facebook.  Whether it be coupons, contests or sale updates, sharing the latest bargain is easier than ever on Facebook. In fact 44% of online shoppers are finding the best deals via a recommendation. 
As marketers we know social media is much more than keeping up with friends and family, but don’t forget if you’re managing social sites for your business to include relevant content  including pins, coupons and contests that inspires and influences your target audience during the holiday season when shopping is at its prime.