A recent article on socialmediaexaminer.com titled “5 Psychology Tips to Improve Your Social Media Posts” explains how styling your content to reach your audience on an emotional level will help improve engagement. The five psychology tips they recommend are:

  1. Images Speak to Viewers: Images are generally the first thing people see in a social media post, so choosing an image that conveys what your post is saying is essential. Remember to use an image that stands out and relates to your target audience.
  2. Color Communicates: Select a color or colors that you will consistently use on your social media posts to represent your company. The colors should stand out and speak to your fans.   
  3. Words Trigger Action: Research different trigger words to see which ones speak to your audience on an emotional level. Use those words to begin your description. Here is a great list of 50 trigger words and phrases: http://www.copyblogger.com/trigger-words/
  4. Emotion Connects: Every social media post evokes an emotion, so take advantage of this and share things that are fun and happy to get the most engagement.
  5. Conversation Engages: This is not anything new; people want to be social on social media so communicating with your audience will connect you on an emotional level. Ask your fans a question or have them share their opinion about a recent project or event. Respond back to their answers and keep it light and friendly.    

Before you create your next post, keep each of these tips in mind. These are very simple steps to help produce positive, emotional content which will help improve your connection with your audience and, in turn, your social media engagement.