Solis spent a year monitoring the social web. The important part is listening, documenting, and reaching your audience where they are talking about you most. This is not just Twitter and Facebook! There is not just one audience. People are going to their networks of influence to learn, ask questions and get feedback.

So, what exactly is influence? It’s the ability to inspire action and measure it. If you give people something to do, activity and buzz increases.

It is important to be strategic in titling, describing and tagging your content. Use as many tags as are relevant. Be specific and know what your audience is looking for when creating these items.

We must also be aware that, once we engage our audience, we need to send them somewhere just as engaging. For instance, if someone clicks on your Twitter link because they are interested in a product you mention, would you send them to your homepage or straight to your Web store instead? Make sure you are pointing your audience to a place where they will be able to continue the interaction.