In early September, our members will receive a renewal letter to help reminder your organization that renewals are due to the State office by Oct. 31, 2012.
In 2012, the SWFL has worked to return benefit to its members by incorporating your suggestions into yearly programming, special events and services. We’ve continued our commitment to helping members prepare for the credentialing process; we’ve worked to decode the Image Awards process and increased our efforts in promoting profession. We’ve streamlined our communications process with active social media presence; revamped newsletter and will reveal the new web site later this month. As a commitment to our members, we wanted to return on your investment with the launch our Passport to FPRA member engagement program and through the offering of member exclusive events.

As a renewing member you can help us continue to raise our standards at the local level and exceed expectations by giving your input. Soon you will receive a survey through email.  The board is interested in your thoughts to see how we have done this year and forecast plans for the upcoming year to provide you with the programming, community service, and member advantages that you want. After all, our success involves dedicated and engaged members!
Additionally, the SWFL Chapter provides unique tools and opportunities such as:
  • Access to website, blogs and seminars applicable to current trends and topics
  • Access to a job bank
  • Professional development and networking programs valuable to you and your employer
  • Opportunity to showcase your talents through our Image award competition
Remember, renewing your membership is a solid commitment to your professional growth. FPRA membership gives you access to career resources including accreditation and certification, and state conference and networking with other professionals around the state. FPRA renewal fees are reasonable. Even though there will be a slight increase to our membership dues this year, comparatively we are still the most cost effective organization focused on communications.
Please note there is a slight increase in membership dues effective September 1.

$35 processing Fee added to the above categories for each new member.

*Dues include next year
**May-Jul For ½ year or 1½ years