Everything was big in the 80s. Big hair. Big shoulder pads. Big shoes. And that was just the guys!

This year’s Sunset Social at FPRA’s 72nd Annual Conference will be celebrating the decade of decadence on Sunday, August 8 at 7:00 p.m. to kick-off the 2010 FPRA Annual Conference.

The 80s was a time for a new form of entertainment called music videos. Music videos and movie classics such as Footloose, Terminator, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, to name just a few, impacted an entire generation. To pay homage to this “big” era, members of this year’s Annual Conference planning team are inviting you to participate in FPRA’s 1st Moments of the 80s Video Competition Challenge!

Here’s how it will work: Get your chapter together to think of a creative scene from the 80s – a music video, a scene from a movie or even a TV show. Re-enact that scene or sing (or lip-synch) that music video and record it. Submit your Moments of the 80s Video on DVD (or upload) and we will show them at the Sunset Social on PR-TV. All the attendees will vote on the best Moment of the 80s!

If you have an idea, or your organization would like to help our chapter enter this challenge, please contact Kathleen Taylor, APR at president@www.fpraswfl.org.

If you have any questions about the contest itself, please contact Sharon Arnold.

Don’t forget to pull together your silent auction donation! Whether it’s a 80s related or not, we are looking for big and small items to donate for the silent auction portion of the Sunset Social. The auction is the way we raise funds to support student and professional development scholarships. Contact Sharon Arnold, Trista Wallace or Kathleen Giery and let us know what items(s) you can donate!

To kick off the fun, here’s an 80s mini-challenge! What movie is this dialogue from? The first person who e-mails Annual VP of Annual Conferece Wendy Crites Wacker with the correct, exact title of the movie wins a $10 gift certificate to use on a Scholarship Fundraiser Auction Item of his or her choice!

“I’m not fat.”
“Well not at present, but I can see you really pushing maximum density.”