Start your engines! Search engines that is. Today’s guest presenter was none other than Charly Caldwell of ISG. Charly walked FPRA members and guests through the wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For any member who was unable to attend, we’ll be posting a helpful how-to guide provided by Charly to help us master the world of SEO.

Notable Nuggets from this awesome presentation…

TEST AND MEASURE – Using Web Tools. Public Relations professionals meet Google Analytics;this helpful (and free) tool helps us understand the behavior of individuals once they have reached a web site.
It is important to measure: a) Online visits b) both Online and Offline Conversions

Quickbooks Online – Its important to monitor your expenses to see where you can trim back. Mint is also helpful (and free) in monitoring your spending habits.

Getting into the nitty gritty:

Where to begin? – Charly says its important to view key word phrases in 3 categories
Learn – Longer Phrases in plain English. His example was if you are looking for a digital camera your query may be “digital camera + video capability”
Shop – During this phase individuals become more educated through research. Their quest for a digital camera may boil down to the google query ” canon digital camera”.
Buy – During this phase, the individual knows what they want and now they just need to know where to get it at the best value i.e. canon camera + specific model numbers.

Now the important part is linking these keyword phrases to your Landing Page (a web site, a blog, news release). The key is to strive for a 4 – to -1 optimization…meaning you would want to include your key word phrases in your page title, URL, header and body to help increase your display (page rank) on Google thus increase traffic. (Putting your URL on Facebook, Linkedin pages, popular blogs can help with this).

Charly’s 5 Steps to Success
1) Define your goal
2) Create Content
3) Deploy Content
4) Drive Traffic with Social Media
5) Monitor Analytics

Chapter News!

The first installment of the Social Media Cafe was a great success! Thank you to all of those who registered and all of you who lent a hand. Mark your calendars for Fri. June 26 @ Hodges University – We are serving up the second course from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Congrats to Phyllis Ershowsky, APR, winner of The President’s ROCK-ing Chair Award for May for her hard work on increasing chapter membership! We have grown 25%!

APR study sessions are in full swing! May 13 and May 20 will focus on preparing for the readiness review. You can attend at the offcies of Briggs & Rogers. Call Mary Briggs at 278-3900 for details.

Annual FPRA Conference is just around the corner. Anyone interested in playing golf at the event should contact Ginny for more details!

It has been announced that our chapter will be donating American Flags that have been flown in combat in Iraq for the conference fund raiser. We need gorgeous frames for the certificates of authenticity that accompany them. Drop your change in the box at check-in!