By: Miranda Moore 
Public Relations Intern, LCEC
Public Relations Student, University of Florida

Sitting at the FPRA media breakfast, I was excited to hear everything that the seven experts had to say. When Michael Hayes from 96.9 WINK FM spoke about the station’s latest promotion, The Phrase That Pays, I was immediately giddy. I leaned over to my boss at LCEC, Karen Ryan, and whispered, “I put the phrase that pays on my voicemail!” I wanted to raise my hand and ask Mr. Hayes to please have someone from the radio station call me so I could win that $500.

Luckily for me, this did happen while at work on Thursday morning. When I checked my messages, there was Gina Birch ecstatically telling me that they picked my name that hour and I had won! All my friends that teased me about having the phrase that pays on my voicemail now want to know how to sign-up. I wish I could go back to the media breakfast and tell Mr. Hayes that I love his radio station and their latest promotion. Thanks 96.9!