Have a PR Tip to Share?

Whether you’ve been in the public relations field for one year or 30; you have a resource tip that is invaluable. Generally it is a website, but it may be a free application; a social media group, page, or hint; a book or other resource. We would like share one or two tips a month with members in “Tidbits”. Send your tidbits to Kate Gooderham and please mark that they are tidbits.

Tidbit 1 – Submitted by Carolyn Rogers, APR, CPRC

If you are a freelancer or small agency struggling to accurately track the time you spend on client tasks, try Harvest. It’s an online time-tracking system that is free for single users and inexpensive for multiple users. You can track your time spent on multiple clients and projects, get comprehensive reports on how you’ve spent your time and it even has an invoicing system. It’s easy to set up and to manage. For more info, go to http://www.goharvest.com/.

Tidbit 2 – Submitted by Mary Briggs, APR, CPRC

iCyte is a free add-on to your browser that helps you organize your favorite websites. You can highlight text, add notes and keep complex projects organized. It’s like Bookmarks on steroids. To add a website to your Cyte, you just click one button so it’s easy to use, and it can be retrieved from any computer even if the original web page has been deleted or changed. Also, you can share your Cytes with others working on your project, so it enhances collaboration, too. Go to http://www.icyte.com/ to learn more.