As we get ready to ring in the new year, some of us will be making New Year’s resolutions — all well-intentioned — but most of which will be broken before long. As public relations professionals we are use to setting goals to help us chart success, the key is making sure they are attainable. The Southwest Florida Leadership team has prepared a Top 10 List of PR Resolutions that will be easy to follow and will help each of us polish our PR skill set and try new things in 2010.

  1. Review the AP Stylebook (and buy the most current version if yours is old).We all get a little rusty and could use a refresher. Conveniently, AP Stylebook is available by subscription online and also is on Twitter.
  2. Try a new (at least to you) PR tool. Consider learning something new about social media!
  3. Use FPRA to try out or hone a PR skill – e.g. internal communications (newsletter articles and promotions), event planning (PR University) or management (committee chair).
  4. Begin the process to become an APR or CPRC. We provide lots of support (including financial), and those who have done it swear by the professional benefits that credentialing brings.
  5. Read a business book about a business other than PR.
  6. Review Chapter 496 of the Florida Statutes to see if it applies to you
  7. Be a mentor or find someone newer to the profession who wants a mentor. Not only will you learn more about yourself and your career through either process, but you likely will discover a life long friend.
  8. Donate your PR skills to a nonprofit, and get involved with events and projects in your community. You’d be surprised where those things lead. Do good while being good!
  9. Expose a friend to PR; invite a non-member (or even your boss!) to a meeting or event.
  10. Attend an FPRA event: Social Media Cafe, Image Awards, PR University, Pro Bono Day,Media Breakfast or others as they arise. And don’t forget the FPRA State Conference in August in Naples. It is close and convenient – and our chapter is putting on an event!You’ll have fun, gain knowledge that you can put to work right away and meet the nicest people…your fellow PR professionals.

Happy New Year from the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA!