Judd Cribbs continues with examples of using “people words”, encouraging us to make sure opening lines are not loaded down with archaic language. (And yes, “archaic” would not be considered “people words”!) In other words, do away with the technological language, make it so easy a caveman could understand it. (And here Judd does his caveman imitation – you really should be here!)

Okay, so you’ve sent out your press release, what should you do next…

Respond! If you are contacted to provide a source, make sure you find out the reporter’s deadline and confirm any appointments necessary to facilitate.

Respond! If your company uses an automated phone answering system, make sure there’s an option for media to connect immediately; on your personal voice mail, make sure to offer the media a number to connect with you immediately; make sure the media has your cell phone number; do everything you can to facilitate communications.

Respond! Investigate a little further by determining WHY the media is interested in your story – how will it be presented, what is the media’s goal. Open a dialog with the reporter. Both of you have key messages to get across, make sure they are not at cross-purposes.

So, the key for this section is…Respond!