PR conferences cost at least $200 a day, plus hotel, plus food, plus travel and the costs may not end there. Here are some more reasons you should attend this year’s PR University!
PRU provides you with the knowledge and networking you need at a price you can afford! For $75 PRU offers something everyone can benefit from and includes lunch!

1. Non-profits –It’s no secret that a good PR team can help non-profit organizations flourish.

2.  Interview tips – We all can be better at interviews!
3.  Understanding trademark and copyright law – How to keep from violating it and when you need to use it.
4.  Sports Marketing Mixing PR, marketing, and production skills, and learn the inside scoop on some of the biggest and most unique events in America from the man who produces them.
5.  Traditional media – It still exists and we need to learn how to use it in the 21st century
6.   Event execution and crisis planning – What you need to know to plan for all the eventualities
7.  The importance of visuals to social media – It’s much more than words.